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Famous Goan Photographer

Photographer / Designer

Siddhi Madgaonkar

My style is a perfect poise of capturing free spirited moments and creating tastefully crafted ideas. At YPOL we work predominantly with natural lighting at locations, and often shoot outdoors, with subtle use of props, a balanced use of color, light and composition; offering a richly personal experience which results in beautiful portraits and memories frozen in time that can be cherished and shared forever

Your Piece of Life photography is the Love and Labour of Siddhi Madgaonkar. She is an established industry expert with a creative and signature style in the Maternity, Newborn, Kids and the Wedding photography industry in India with over 8 years of experience. An architect turned photographer, a constant learner , passionate artist  and an entrepreneur- all that she is and maybe a little more. Born and brought up in Goa and after living for a little less than a decade in Bangalore, Siddhi currently travels over the country and internationally for her shoot assignments. YPoL has its main offices at present in Bangalore and Goa. She has studied at Goa College of Architecture. Her work has been featured in various magazines. 🙂


PHONE:       (+91) 9096346667
EMAIL:        yourpieceoflife@gmail.com
SOCIAL:      facebook.com/YourPieceOfLifePhotography